Ever wonder how your 'competitor' down the road is showing up in every search you do, but you aren't?  Wish you had the edge?   

Have all the credentials for your practice but not the presence?

Orthodontics is an oftentimes overlooked and specialized field that deserves to be found, at the top, every time.

Brace for Change!

"I wish patients were able to find our Orthodontic practice easier."

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How do I elevate my online presence to reflect my awesome community standing?

So many times we get the question "I'm highly regarded in my community as one, if not the, best. Why doesn't it show that way online?" Simple. Feedback! Get positive real patient feedback online to all of the places that truly matter for your practice to grow organically and intentionally.  Find your fans and ask them to get the word out about you. Be genuine and responsive. Let us help with the behind the scenes work.

Marketing ourselves is overwhelming and stressing us out! How do we get better?

What would it be like if you could tell your story without the frustration of never-ending trial and error? Orthodontists go to school to learn about teeth. Making teeth straight and beautiful to be specific. Marketing and social media growth is not the exclusive subject matter for orthodontists. But it is ours.  No need to stress out anymore - you are in good hands!

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Suffering from "FOMO"? 

(fear of missing out)

Ever heard this: "Quadruple your business in no time!"? The "Shiny Object Syndrome" runs rampant! Growing a business still takes time and effort, and attracting the right people as patients takes strategy. What if you could get ideal patients that you can count on to be on time for appointments, people who have the means to afford treatment and true fans who go the extra mile for you? Sit down with us for a free business insights session and see how you could measure up.

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Common Frustrations

From building and retaining honest, genuine reviews to garnering success in social media presence, and everything in between, there is a plan for you.  The team at Deluge customizes each plan to be tailor made for you, what you need and what you would like to accomplish with your marketing.  Coaching and collaborating together as a team is imperative.  Plus, having fun while doing it, naturally!

You are unique. Your online strategy should be too.

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Dischinger Orthodontics Team

"Tamela [and the Deluge Team] are so knowledgeable and has helped our team get back on track with reviews. Thank you!!"

"Tamela and her team are outstanding! They have gone above and beyond to help our practice with our digital marketing. She took the time to get to know us and works hard to help us reach our goals. Excellent!! They have our practice's best interests in mind with every step they take!"

Julie B, Orthodontic Practice